Bistro MD diet foods delivered

My wife did some research and found BistroMD had some good reviews (and are one of the few that offer gluten-free options)–they seem to be the gourmet version of delivered diet foods. (First week’s shipping–$25–is free with coupon code “Free Shipping 08”) We’re going to give it a try… I’ll write more once we taste it, and post updates on our weight loss.  Wish us luck!

UPDATE 30 May 2009:

After 2 weeks of strictly following the diet, I’ve lost 11.4 lbs and my wife has lost 5.4 lbs (as measured on our Wii Fit).  The first few days took a little discipline to get through the hunger because of the smaller portions, but now that our stomachs have shrunk, it’s not hard at all–we fill up really easily now! And whenever I’m a little hungry, I just try to remember that my next meal or snack is only an hour away (since we got the plan with snacks, I have something to eat every 3 hours).

The food quality is surprisingly good, especially given that we’re just reheating frozen foods.

BistroMD appears to ship using Fedex Ground–and since we’re on opposite coasts, their Monday shipments don’t arrive until Friday.  Since last weekend was Memorial Day, they didn’t ship until Tuesday, so we received our boxes on Saturday–we were scared that they wouldn’t deliver until Monday, and who knows if the food would stay totally frozen that long.  But it all worked out (the dry ice does keep everything really frozen).  If you want to ensure that you don’t have to bridge a day if your next shipment is late, I recommend that you wait a day or two after you receive your first box before getting started.

The only thing about the whole program that we feel a little funny about is that once you’re on the subscription, they charge you on Wednesday for the following Monday’s shipment, which we don’t receive until the following Friday… so we’re paying for food 9 days before we receive it.  This means that you’ll only be a few days into week #1 when they charge you for week #3.  I understand why they do it this way, but it still feels sketchy.  Once we decide to go off the plan, we’ll still be eating their food for a while.  Otherwise though, we wholeheartedly recommend the BistroMD program–we’re seeing the results, it’s easy to stick to, and the food is good.  We give it an A.

UPDATE 6 June 2009:

After 3 weeks, I’ve now lost 13.6 lbs and my wife 5.8–but she’s not at all upset: she’s been working out like crazy and feels great, so she’s not judging by the pounds.  The results are definitely visible.

I haven’t been working out at all–you know, trying to be all scientific to be able to measure the results of just the food.  But this week I’m going to start doing some light 30-minute workouts.

For at least the last two weeks, BistroMD has messed up my wife’s gluten-free order by forgetting to put in any oatmeal, which her menu calls for 4 times a week.  We ended up just buying a box of Quaker Weight-Control oatmeal, which seems comparable to what BistroMD sends me.


#1 Sharon Bors on 06.15.09 at 2:23 pm

Hi…I am awaiting my first week’s order from Bistro MD. I did a bit of online research before deciding on this plan. I live in Vancouver, WA so like you, have to wait til Fri. before my meals arrive. Have you experienced any other probs with your shipments? Also, I am curious about how much freezer space is needed for the meals. Have all your meals been tasty, maybe delicious??!!! tks, Sharon

#2 Daniel on 06.15.09 at 3:14 pm

Besides the problem with the 3-day weekend leading to a Tuesday shipment that arrived Saturday, no other problems. But in any case, I do recommend using Sunday as your “Day 1,” just in case.

The freezer question is a good one. We’re fortunate to have an extra fridge in the garage, because with a week’s worth of food for 2 people, it fills it up almost completely. At the beginning of each day, we transfer the meals into our inside fridge for that day to defrost, but it doesn’t really defrost in so few hours. So you could probably put 2-3 days worth of food into the fridge to divide up the space used. With a couple of exceptions, the snacks are dry goods you can store in your pantry.

I’d use the word tasty, but I’ll reserve the word ‘delicious’ for food that isn’t frozen. 🙂 Some meals are better than others, but I do like them all. It’s impressive what meals they can compile with so few calories.

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