Permanent roof ladder with handrails

I live in a one-story house and have been thinking about building a simple deck on the roof.  While I’m not quite ready to begin construction, the roof is flat and could be used right away for casually enjoying a little mojito while watching the sunset.  So I figured an interesting first step would be to get a permanent ladder in place.

It’s pretty scary climbing on the roof right now using a portable stepladder because you kind of have to swing your leg over the edge of the roof, which is tricky going in either direction… I had this image in my mind of a ladder that is attached to the wall and has handrails at the top so that you can easily step onto and off of the ladder.  I know I’ve seen these before, usually as part of a fire escape or for commercial buildings… it took me a while to find it online.  The usual home improvement sites didn’t have anything remotely like this.

10-foot fixed access ladder with handrails

I finally came across a site called that has all sorts of industrial products–beyond what you’d be able to find at something like a home depot.  These guys call it a “fixed access ladder”, and the particular variant I was looking for is a “walk-through with handrails.”  The ladder comes in all different heights; this link is for the 10-foot ladder, which I think would be right for my roof.  $287 is a little more than I was thinking to pay, but it’s not unreasonable, really.


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