Freestanding towel rack with warmer

My wife and I are very lucky: we have a very large walk-in shower, with a glass wall and door.  The bad news is that the glass of the shower is so large that we don’t have a wall near the door where we could mount hooks for hanging towels… and we didn’t want to make any holes in the glass for mounting special hooks or rails.

Warmrails Vauxhall Towel Warmer RackSo I began my search for free-standing towel racks.  I’ve seen a number of these over the years, including some that look almost more like coat racks.  But then I came across towel warmers on amazon, and found just the right match: the Warmrails Deluxe Vauxhall Freestanding Towel Warmer & Drying Rack.  It may be too large for some bathrooms, but it’s perfect for our particular needs.  It has two columns of rails, so I keep my towel on one side and my wife’s on the other.  The warming feature was really just a bonus, but it’s turned out to make quite a difference–our towels dry very quickly and we can wait an almost disturbing amount of time between washing them, since it takes almost two weeks before you can smell any humidity in them at all.

If you search around you can find a lot of other sites that carry this model, but at the time Amazon had the best price at $360 including free shipping.


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